Martel Doors and Windows Offers FiberFrame’s Versatile Double Hung Windows

More and more homeowners in central and south Texas are naturally drawn to the products they find at Martel Doors and Windows, based in Austin, Texas. They particularly appreciate the impressive assortment of well-designed (Model) 8000 double hung windows from FiberFrame.

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Versatile and Classic

Specifically, they are enthusiastic about this versatile, classic window style. Regardless of your home’s design, these double hung windows will fit right in.

And, they are designed to enable both sashes to move up and down, as well as tilt-in for the maximum cleaning accessibility. They will also provide the most versatile ventilation possible. Feel free to open the top, the bottom, or both sashes to suit your specific needs.

Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for energy efficiency, FiberFrame incorporates this benefit into each of its windows to decrease your home’s energy consumption and help you save on utility costs. Because fiberglass is a poor conductor of heat, very little will transfer into your home in the summer, or transfer out in the winter.

Fiberglass Offers Resilience

Fiberglass from FiberFrame is also very resilient, and therefore is not susceptible to extreme temperatures. In fact, fiberglass will expand and contract 800 times less than vinyl in extreme temperatures. This means that your windows will fit snugly within the frame year-round to minimize airflow into and out of your home.

Requires Virtually No Maintenance

Another benefit of fiberglass is that it requires virtually no maintenance – just a simple wipe-down. In addition, it will not warp, fade, crack, rust, or rot like wood or vinyl windows.  

FiberFrame windows and doors are manufactured by Comfort Line Limited, which in the 1980’s introduced the first fiberglass window made in the U.S. Comfort Line, a family-owned business that was launched in 1959 in Toledo, Ohio, was the first company to apply the high quality, high performance fiberglass to the residential window and door industry.

Please Visit Our Showroom

Be sure to visit the Martel showroom which, located at 10300 Metric Boulevard near The Domain in Austin, Texas, to learn more about how Fiberframe awning windows can improve the look and feel of your home. Martel Windows and Doors is a certified dealer for Centor Integrated Doors.